Inappropriate Touching: Lessons learned from a first-grade teacher


My grandson was in hot water. When I went to pick him up at his grade school, I was called into his first-grade classroom. Fortunately, his crime was of the misdemeanor variety. He had shoved a friend while waiting in line or he might have kicked him, but no medical or legal authorities were required.
His teacher sat the two of us down and she laid out his crime. He is one of three brothers who pound the crap out of each other constantly. When my sons were little and pinching, hitting and punching each other, I asked a friend with several brothers when this would stop. He said that in his case, it was when he was 34, jumped on his brother's back and broke his collar bone. Cold comfort.
At the end of the meeting, the teacher asked: "Does your teacher like you?" My grandson said, "Yes." She asked, "Does she like your behavior today? He said, "No." And finally, "Will your teacher like you tomorrow. He said, "Yes."
We all stood up and she asked, "Handshake, fist bump or hug." He stuck out his hand and they shook.
I am a big hugger. I now ask. I am considering asking the same question: "Shake, (hands not booty!) or hug?" I am thinking of adding fist bump to my repertoire
Lessons learn: Kicking, hitting, punching, shoving or pinching when you are in line, whether for a beer, public transportation or recess, regardless of age, is not OK.
When greeting someone or saying goodbye, if the person is someone you do not normally interact with, such as a good friend or relative, no touching without permission.
This will keep you out of the principal's office, human resources or the front page of a local or national newspaper.

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